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❶A good example of a skills section may look like this:. To deliver and confirm Services You obtain from us;.

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This would be similar to the information in your cover letter, but more clear-cut and to the point. Avoid the use of personal pronouns such as I, me, my, in your summary.

Make sure your verb tenses are consistent throughout the document. These types of mistakes can make you appear careless with your work.

If your credentials or certifications have expired, they should not appear after your name on your resume. If you are a licensed registered nurse it is also helpful to indicate your state of licensure. Your resume should be concise, and no longer than absolutely necessary. No need for you to tell us all about the waitressing job you had in high school if you are applying for an academic position 30 years later. Provide details for the past 10 to 15 years. Why not set up a separate account for professional use only?

Yahoo and Gmail are free. The same can be said for your voice mail. Leaving them out may seem to us as though you are trying to hide certain information. Your resume is a formal document; do not use abbreviations or contractions in your words or sentences. You may have several different versions depending on the type of jobs you are going after.

No matter what your goals or personal circumstances are, this expert system software will make a tailored resume to your specific needs, emphasizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. Although, if you prefer to build it manually from scratch, to begin, choose the resume format that will best suit your needs. This may be a format that lists your jobs in chronological order, beginning with most recent job first. This format, known as reverse chronological, is most commonly seen and is often used by those applicants that wish to remain in the same job field.

At the top, enter your full name and address and include additional contact information including a phone number where you can be reached, mobile or cell phone number and a valid email address. Following this information, begin by inputting an objective.

This is one area that you may choose to edit prior to submitting your resume to each company. The objective should establish your career plan and make mention of meeting the needs of the company you are applying at. In an effort to demonstrate clarity, mention the position you are applying for in your objective. Next, input your experience. When inputting job experience, start with the company name, your job title, dates of employment and a brief description of your job duties. You may consider also including the name and contact information of your immediate supervisor.

Follow the same format and include the same information for each position that you have held. Include any intern positions and volunteer work that you have done. The next section, education, should include more than just diplomas. Also include any certification courses and training courses that you have taken.

If you have not yet earned your degree, include the date you expect to complete and earn your degree.

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