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A ghostwriter creates content that you publish under your own name. Ghostwriters help establish you as the authority that you are. However, writers do love a byline, and if ghostwriting fees are too high for your budget, consider offering a byline for a lower fee. That way, you still get great content and the writer adds another piece to his or her portfolio.

You and your freelance writer will likely be building a long-distance relationship. Email is the preferred method of communication between writer and client, with occasional phone calls to touch base and stay on track, and sometimes even texts for a quick check in. You want your writer to deliver great content on time, so make sure you reciprocate by delivering the information they need and paying them on time.

Freelance writers are invested in you and your business, in part because your success is their success by proxy, but also because they need to eat and pay their bills. Freelance writers will work hard and go out of their way to write great content for you, but you must also do your part.

Hiring a writer is the professional version of hiring a babysitter; you want a reliable person you can trust. Do your homework, invest some time into setting expectations, treat your writer with respect, and they will be happy to show up at your door and take good care of your content. Do you have questions not covered here?

Please let us know in the comments! Karri Stover enjoys helping small business owners and entrepreneurs establish a competitive online presence through the use of valuable content and smart marketing strategies.

Other posts by Karri Stover. Samar Owais , who helps small businesses market themselves through blogging and email newsletters, asks for 50 percent of her fee before the project starts, preferably via bank transfer, and opts for payment on a per-project basis.

Tom Ewer , who mainly writes blog posts but has also written web copy and whitepapers, determines his fees using a mixture of word count and project.

Once you find and hire a freelancer writer who is top-notch and understands what you want… once you agree to a payment setup and they start delivering consistent, high-quality content… you still face a final challenge: A little common courtesy goes a long way in attracting great freelance talent.

Consider their time, the information they need, and the paycheck they expect. You hired this freelancer because you needed their expertise. Samar Owais advises that you treat your freelancer like a partner and not hired help. Sophie Lizard says the key to this is balance: As the cost of groceries and rent rises, remember that your freelance writer is seeing the same change in numbers—and has to make changes accordingly. Will it be that easy to replace them? If it will be, then part ways; if not, then how much time will you spend breaking a new writer in, and is it worth it?

In the end, hiring a freelance writer can either be a smooth and painless process, or one filled with frustrating dead-ends, missed deadlines and unexpected high rates. If this is your first time hiring a freelance writer, be up front about that fact. A great freelancer will help you get accustomed to the process as well, making it a better experience for both of you.

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There are six main routes to finding good freelancers: If you are not seeing the submit button, click here. We usually respond within a few hours, or 24 hours at the latest. A guide to get the most out of this subreddit. Hire Me [Hire Me] Proofreader for everything from novels to websites. I do blog posts, technical articles, eBooks and more! Hire Me [For Hire] Exceptionally well-rounded writer offering everything from professional web content to sci-fi epics.

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How to Hire a Writer More and more companies are turning to freelance writers for help with projects ranging from special reports to creating marketing content. Freelance writers can also assist individuals who want expertise on smaller projects such as updating a résumé or writing a brief bio.

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Want the best tips on how to hire a writer? We've been doing it for years, and we put together this guide to help you hire writers for your business. If you need to hire content writers for your business, but you’re unsure where to start, follow this roadmap to find the best content creators. 14 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Content Writer. By 1 Comment. About Amy Pennza. Amy spent almost ten years as an attorney before embracing her passion for writing full-time. She brings her.