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Each person chooses blue or pink tests. The package turns inside out to become a prepaid overnight mailer. Couples can call for results using an ID and hear the results of their test by color, instead of by name.

Interesting perspective on my Lady Business project. I realized the bulk of my energy for Lady Business has focused on creating evidence: What does a woman need to take care of herself after unprotected sex? This kit includes several self-diagnostics tests and condoms for next time. New ideas include wall-mounted and walk-up designs. Walk up models focus on privacy, speed and convenience. Waist high screens or display cases could help conceal purchasing decisions.

Packaging needs to be compact and flat. Self-care kits for urgent situations like unprotected sex, UTIs and periods. A date night kit could help a woman be ready for safe sex. I tacked two up in the hallway and invited students to walk up and give them a try. Cabinet-style vending machine, door closed. The machine remains unobtrusive while not in use.

Cabinet-style prototype, door open. Users would create privacy by opening the door and blocking the interface with their body. Another prototype design, with privacy side panels inspired by a urinal design.

A triangular machine fits into a corner to help create a private zone for purchases. The triangular shape would restrict where the vending machine is placed in the restroom. Ideally, it would be a corner furthest away from the entrance. Ten tiny paper models of vending machine shapes for the bathroom. Built to emphasize privacy and function in tight spaces. Wall-mounted design continues in the tradition of bathroom vending machines we see today.

Interface will include grab-and-go literature, card swipe for credit cards or student IDs, and glass front to see products or touch-screen to select and vend. During research sessions, women stressed the need for privacy when purchasing any female health product.

My advisor, Suguru Ishizaki, also suggested mixing in innocuous products, such as candy or perfume, with the health products to help women self-camoflaugue when buying something possibly controversial. Previous machine shapes, such as those designed by IDEO and Frog, use side angles to help protect user privacy during transactions. The Lady Business Vending System. The value proposition for the service idea describes the customer benefit and the main elements of the service:.

Green key is a set of food-related and technology-enhanced services that inspire people to discover healthy meals, accelerate grocery shopping and preparation on busy days, guide people with choosing the right products for a balanced nutrition and reward them with bonuses such as discounts, home delivery and customer voting for favourite and new products.

The service contains several services and different touchpoints that evolve around a little chip, the green key. The green key chip is technology-enhanced token that allows the customer to identify herself in the supermarket by plugging the key into the shopping cart or basket. The chip can be attached to a key chain and carried along. A shopping cart with a touch display shows customer generated or supermarket provided shopping lists, store orientation, location of products, recipes and the items added to the shopping cart with nutritional information, alternative product recommendations and pricings.

The customer can install the green key app, which gives an overview over spendings and nutritional values, shopping lists, recommended recipes and savings. With the app the customer can order groceries easily online, apply earned discounts at check out or check out through mobile payment in the shop.

In the web touchpoint, the customer can suggest new products to the shop or use votes to vote on which products should be on offer. The service comes with it own product line, which is a collection of products with strict product criteria according to organic principles.

The product line carries the green key label to help customer recognize the products easily. The social media channel Facebook is used for the meal of the week campaign, where customers can vote recipes posted by other customers.

With this people empowered campaign customers can choose ready packed meal bags for a special price to the supermarket. Additionally the supermarket will offer a small range of ready packed meal bags with ingredients and a recipe that are easy to cook and of high nutritional value.

The customer only picks up the bag, pays and can prepare the meal at home. The meal chosen through the Facebook campaign will have a special offer price and feature the customer who has submitted the recipe.

The thesis has highlighted the need and relevance for developing transformative services that create value for both the customer and the business by encouraging customers to live a healthier life through the consumption of healthier and sustainable food. The service concept developed suggests a set of services that can be considered a new business opportunity for the grocery trade.

The service opportunities presented have a strong link with the trends outlined in the theoretical part of the thesis and translate the concept of transformation through services into a tangible service concept.

Service designers offers a holistic approach that their clients, service provider, often lack. It is about providing quality services and long-term satisfied customers, says Fabian. He has been closely following service designers and their clients — different service companys — in participant observation in Sweden, Germany and Australia, for a total of nearly four months. Service design is a field emerging from the new-found interest in services as a design material by practitioners and academics of the human-centred design tradition.

As such, the field can build on the knowledge from previous work in design as well as in service research. Introducing a new design material may however also introduce new challenges to practice. The research presented in this thesis investigates how the design research phase of the human-centred design process is affected by making services a design material.

How users, staff and other stakeholders are involved in service design projects was studied in four studies. Two studies focused on getting a holistic view of how service designers engage stakeholders in their design research.

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To make the service concept definition tangible and usable for the context of service design, I mapped service design tools to the characteristics of the service concept. These tools make up the service concept developed in the empirical part of the thesis.

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Stakeholder Engagement for Service Design is the title of the first Swedish PhD thesis in service design. In the dissertation defended last week at Linköping University, Fabian Segelström wanted to find out how service designers go about to create an understanding of customers and others who are. master thesis service design master thesis service design phd comics evolution thesis Service Design Master Thesis rc circuit problems homework help sylvain soliman phd thesisStudents learning how service design master thesis to write a Masters Thesis will first learn that a central thesis question must be presented and. D. Philosophy Of.

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Thesis Service Design. thesis service design Stakeholder Engagement for Service Design is the title of the first Swedish PhD thesis in service design. Thesis Service Design. thesis service design Service design methods thesis, The goal of this thesis is to first study what are the challenges in creating a smooth service experience with .