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Essay on Company (890 Words)

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However, you will find that they do not have a live chat, which means that the phone number is your only way to contact the service. After two failed attempts, we gave up on contacting them altogether. Their website is a disaster since it is full of false information and you will have to spend hours looking for important information. Also, they do not have a working method for contact.

Furthermore, the paper we got from the service was relatively good, but not as high quality as one would expect considering that essay-company. Essay-company Review 7 Price 5. Most recent Top score Most helpful Worst score Be the first to leave a review. Harvard essay writing guide Essay writing guide for international students Purdue essay writing guide. The support for shareholders model is provided by the proponents of the natural entity theory who contend that company is the product of the private initiatives of certain individuals promoters who bring it into existence by meeting the legal requirements, and then induced others shareholders to put their money into it for private gains.

This reinforces the idea that company is a form of organizing the business to reap the benefits of large-scale of business for the shareholders. In contrast, a company is visualized as an artificial legal entity created by the law.

A company exists for the purposes which the law has conferred upon it and what its charter memorandum of association contains within the boundaries of the law. Since the law has arisen from the society, a company has certain obligations for the society. Gradually, the notion emerged that incorporation of company is not merely for private benefits of shareholders, but also to promote the welfare of the society from which it takes inputs and generates the output.

The output, if not acceptable to the society, will put the existence of the entity in danger. Public interest and public policy objectives were thus gradually reflected in the legislations and regulations on companies.

Limitations on corporate power through the legislations and law such as doctrine of ultra vires were meant to regulate corporate activity for public welfare.

The concoction of a company on property conception and social entity conception has long been debated. Under the property theory, company is regarded as the private property of its shareholders. The function of the directors and managers is to further the interest of the shareholders who have appointed them. In , the Michigan Supreme Court seemingly formalized the prevailing conception at the time that the corporation is a property of the shareholders.


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