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Extending the School Day

Less need for homework.

❶I like the idea of more time in school with all the knew requirements being imposed on the children longer school year would give teachers and students more time.

Extra time is being championed by reformers left and right.

Lessons would feel less broken.
extended school day for homework help
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And, like any precious resource, it can be wasted. In effective new day schools, teachers and principals talk constantly about how to make best use of time. They wrestle with finding the best ways to apply more time in core academic subjects, to help teachers incorporate more individualized instruction and project-based learning into their classes, and to balance added core academic time with more time for engaging enrichment in arts, music, drama, sports, and other essential aspects of a well-rounded education.

They discuss and debate how to use data to inform their initial redesign plan for expanded time and then how to modify their approaches based on subsequent data. They work to balance added time for students with added time for teachers to work and plan together and to benefit from professional development.

They blend more time for current teachers with the addition of time and services from outside individuals and community-based organizations.

They use time as a tool to support other innovations and reforms. When well used, added time bestows many blessings. Kids are getting more opportunities and more choices for enrichment than ever before.

Principals and teachers spend a good bit of up-front time planning how to use these new hours to deepen, enrich, and customize their program so students can:. In this book we take you inside new day classrooms to show how children are using the new schedule to ask questions and to learn actively through projects, experiments, and hands-on use of newly gained skills.

Children occasionally grumble about the new schedule at first, but the evidence is that they soon some to accept it. Some, surprisingly enough, downright love it.

In one school that had begun the expanded schedule, the district had a funding crunch and reverted to the old schedule. Kids demonstrated in favor of keeping the new school day at the School Board meeting! We listen to teachers in new day schools who love the extra time, which means they can allow classroom discussions to flow more freely and still provide small group and individual teaching for students based on skill level. An expanded school schedule engages students more fully, and children learn better in a more stimulating environment.

By reducing the pressure on the system to cram math and reading and science into too few hours, the new school day opens up the schedule for subjects that students enjoy and teachers like to teach. Teachers and principals have found that the new school day makes possible a series of fundamental changes. First, students and teachers get more time on task.

Students who fall behind get the time to catch up. Instead of experiencing the classroom as a place for failure and boredom, kids have success. Students who are already keeping up have a chance to explore more.

In science, longer classes allow students to carry out experiments from beginning to end in a single session. No instructional technique benefits from a rushed school day. It gives more opportunity to work with students. You could introduce a concept, introduce primary sources to study it, have kids explore it in a group, and then come back and discuss the subject more in detail.

At the Timilty Middle School in Boston, for instance, all students submit a project to the citywide science fair. At the Matthew J. Kuss School in Fall River, Massachusetts, according to the Boston Globe, "The once hit-or-miss drama program now regularly puts on major productions. The troupe last fall staged a production of Macbeth, with the performers in professionally made costumes. Teachers gain a greater ability to work with diverse skill levels at the same time.

Schools restore academic subjects that had been scaled back or even dropped due to the emphasis on core instruction and high-stakes testing in reading, writing, and math. Students are able to study crucial academic subjects such as science, history, social studies, and foreign languages. Finally, teachers have time to work with each other in planning how they teach their students, time that almost never exists in the current school schedule.

The new day make a big difference to some other groups of public school students, too. Raise your hand if you think these children numbering in the millions nationally would do better in school if they had more time to work with their teachers on their English language skills, and to practice English with their schoolmates.

Keep your hand raised if you think that these children would be better off seeking homework help from their parents, many of whom are learning English themselves, and many of whom did not have advanced schooling in their home countries.

Immigrant parents, not coincidentally, overwhelmingly prefer the new school day when given the chance, even though many of them work in just the kind of small businesses that can make good use of the extra labor of children in the family.

They stay homogeneously in their own cohort; they travel together, and we start teaching them from kindergarten on up. A lot of our students are English language learners, because their primary language is Creole. Then there are the children with learning disabilities, children with ADHD, and the entire category of "special needs" children. The whole point of identifying children with difficulties in learning is to be able to give them additional instruction tailored to their individual needs or disabilities.

Special needs education takes patience and, above all, time. His mother was tremendously excited about his social and motor-skill progress in less than a year, and she has been able to move her hours to full time instead of staying part time to care for her son in the afternoons. Parents of special needs children worry all the more about what happens to their kids in unsupervised settings, and many make substantial financial sacrifices to be with them.

Maybe, working full time, her job started providing health benefits. Now we pair a special ed and math teacher. So kids do better. Special ed kids work better with other kids, sort of see them as role models and learn from them. When school is a place of engagement, excitement, and felt success, children like it.

Excerpts from Time to Learn: Basic living costs mean that some parents decide to stay for a few extra hours to pay their bills.

You will come in through the designated ESD entrance. After that, you will need to pick your child up from their location based on the rotation schedule.

Because our program rotates throughout the building, you will need to consult the instructor in the cafeteria to determine this location. If ESD is in a central location due to a special activity, you will need to go to that location. What are the hours of Extended School Day? Extended School Day is in session from the time that school is dismissed until 6 p. What do the children do in Extended School Day? A typical day in Extended School Day includes: Who are the ESD staff?

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Some say extending learning hours will narrow the achievement extended school day for homework help gap, help working families, and improve motivation · Extending the School Day who founded the Philadelphia school in , says that the extended day covers more It may is it legal to pay someone to write a paper for you help that extended school day for homework help a growing . JHHS offers many options for students to get help with homework, make up tests, etc. No sign up is necessary, students can just show up. Extended Day Schedule.