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Need help with earth science homework

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Imagine a lake and the sun shining directly onto the water and also onto the surrounding land, label this "long wave radiation" use thickness of arrows to show percentages, so this one would be thicker than any others on the diagram as it is the input. Under these circumstances the temperature of the land rises much more quickly than that of the water. As the land heats up quicker it also heats the air above it, label this "sensible heat transfer".

This heated air rises by "convection latent heat transfer " but as it gets higher it loses energy and cools so it cannot resist the pull of "gravity" direct arrow down, just a line no thickness which makes it sink. This creates a circulation of air which you should draw in; red for hot air rising, blue for cold air sinking, in a circle.

Venus has a high Albedo compared to the Earth and a dense cloud cover however this is not due to water vapour but CO2 creating a world wide greenhouse effect creating massive temperatures up to degrees C. The entire amount of water vapour on Venus condensed into water would only form a layer around the planet 20cm deep!

It is a runaway greenhouse effect because the planet is slightly closer to the sun the water vapou never condensed creating a massive greenhouse effect. Although many scientsist will argue that Venus is not out of thermal balance Just realised that all sounds complicated!

Not to be a jerk but plants actually take in CO2 and release oxygen. Lesson 4 - The Flow of Pyroclastic Materials. Lesson 5 - Volcanic Landforms: Lesson 1 - Mechanical Weathering: Lesson 2 - What is Chemical Weathering?

Lesson 3 - Factors that Affect the Rate of Weathering. Lesson 4 - What is Soil? Lesson 5 - What is Soil Erosion? Lesson 6 - Soil Erosion: Lesson 7 - Mass Wasting: Lesson 8 - Major Triggers for Mass Wasting: Lesson 9 - Types of Wasting: Lesson 1 - Sediment: Lesson 3 - Lithification of Sediments: Lesson 4 - Determining the Origin of a Sedimentary Rock. Lesson 5 - Clastic Sedimentary Rocks: Lesson 6 - What is Limestone?

Lesson 1 - Metamorphism of Rocks: Lesson 2 - Classification of Metamorphic Rocks: Lesson 3 - Contact Metamorphism Vs. Lesson 4 - Foliation: Lesson 5 - Sedimentary Rocks: Lesson 1 - Rock Deformation: Lesson 2 - Geological Folds: Lesson 3 - Geological Faults: Lesson 4 - The Processes of Mountain Building. Lesson 1 - The Water Cycle: Precipitation, Condensation, and Evaporation. Lesson 2 - The Distribution of Water on Earth. Lesson 3 - What is Solar Power?

Lesson 6 - Brackish Water: Lesson 1 - Drainage Basins: Lesson 3 - Effect of Erosion and Deposition on Landforms. Lesson 5 - The Formation of Stream Valleys. Lesson 6 - Base Level of a Stream: Lesson 7 - Bedrock Channels: Lesson 8 - Alluvial Channels: Lesson 9 - Alluvial Fan: Lesson 10 - Bedrock: Lesson 1 - Groundwater System: Lesson 2 - Factors that Influence Groundwater Movement.

Lesson 3 - Springs: Lesson 4 - Wells: Lesson 1 - What Are Glaciers? Lesson 2 - Glacier Movement: Lesson 4 - Glacial Erosion: Lesson 5 - Glacial Deposition: Formation of Pluvial Lakes. Lesson 7 - Causes of Glaciation. Lesson 2 - Ocean Basins: Lesson 3 - Oceanic Ridge System: Lesson 4 - Properties of Ocean Water. Lesson 5 - Types of Marine Organisms. Lesson 6 - Ocean Circulation: Lesson 8 - Waves: Lesson 9 - Contributing Factors of Longshore Transport: Any alterations to confirmed instructions are considered as additional order, thereby requiring additional payment.

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need help with earth science homework

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