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I have escalated the complaint and asked for a refund, but they are saying they could give a refund only in the failed cases.

The assignment solution which they gave me is of no use to me. But in this case, they completely cheated me. I am still asking them to give me a full refund. I strongly recommend others looking for assignment writers, not to use this website. Get out of this website right now. These people are a bunch of idiots. Myassignment help is pathethic.. Loads of grammatical mistakes. I had to make a fresh assignment on my own. They even asked for additional charges for the escalation.

The quality of the assignment was really crap. There were a lot of grammar mistakes, but they did not attempt to correct them. Then I kept on chasing them, they asked for additional pays and told me the assignment will be deliver within hours.

I feel like I was being cheated by this website. They took my work promising me heaven and earth. That so called PHD guy I do not think the guy who did it had even kindergarten level schooling -reported nothing close to a solution a total lunatic retarded for life — for a c programming assignment that guy produced and answer with x angle theta — GOD only knew that the heck the guy is writing about, nothing even close to a solution and then when it was brought to their attention , they opened their eyes and apologized and then offered to refund.

The refund went to their e-wallet forcing me to use their services in the future as credits. TOTAL waste of money and time. The most regretful thing i ever done so far. Oh no, why did I not find and read this information first? I got scammed almost bucks for an assignment that I never received.

I am going to try contact PayPal for a refund, but it does not look like I have much of a chance. I received a mark that is equivalent to Low Fail for my project thanks to this scammer. And the service is overpriced for work that equivalent to a grade of 2 out of 7 which lead my study to disaster. Myassignmenthelp is a SCAM!! They have made their website very professionally by so many 5 Star rated comments in which I have doubt these comments are real.

I am sure their writers are not qualified for University level writing. It was my biggest mistake to choose them for one of my major project. Total waste of time and money!!! I would rather do my own project which will save my time, money and face. None of the mentioned so called experts of myassignmenthelp.

Use your common sense. Your email address will not be published. Read Reviews Visit Site. My Assignment Help is rated 2. Unprofessional approach to writing and business activities. Conclusion Their reviews state how happy their users are with their services, but they do not seem to have highly educated writers at hand for whatever the student needs writing for them. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google.

I had to write them myself! Never deal with this garbage business! They will not pay money back. Do not trust this company and as a matter of fact do not trust any company that has assignmenthelp as a domain name as all of them are run by the same Indian Scammers.

I found out the hard way by spending s of dollars. Its a fake Indian site which exploits students all over world I would not recommend any student to use this site and play with there career.

The worst service I used ever. I had to do the job my self very poor. He thinks he is genius and and names himself as Peter. The answer they sent me is crap. If you really want to go with them, remember to sign a contract which state the refund policy.

In that case, at least you can get your money back through credit card dispute. They just say we will work on any project.. They do have any knowledge. They loot your money and never ever return money if project cannot be done, Peter he runs this website and Jimmy is his assistant. They just pull your legs to get money.

This was intended for MyAssignmentHelp. Hi, I would like to appreciate and thank assignment help http: I had previously taken help from many other websites and they always fell short of my expectations in fact i felt that i was cheated. Then i got to know about Myassignmenthelp.

I love the service they prepared me with excellent economics homework help material that helped me score a on a big economics test that I took, also these guys are great programmers for help with learning coding. I highly recommend these guys for homework help in economics and computer science.

This site is not legit. They do not do what they say they do. They just take your money! When i sent these guys the message they reply cooly saying we are sorry. Whn i ask for a refund they tell me that they cnnot do anything as i passed. Do not give youre assignments here at all. They just cheat and take money but no quality and customer service people are very rude.

I rarely write reviews, but this time i though it will be useful for others. I will try to be objective. I made an order just a couple of days before submission and i guess paid higher than it could be.

The assignment was agreed to be done by the 18th afternoon but it was not delivered i started the online chat and was told it would be finished in two hours. It was not delivered in two hours. Actually it was not even finished in 4 hours. It was very kind of them to send me the missing task the NEXT DAY morning, which obviously was useless because by that time i have already submitted it.

One more thing while revising what they have done i noticed that it does not meet the requirements i sent them.

In calculations the start day for the project assignment was supposed to be in October and for unknown reason they did that in December, which makes the whole assignment wrong. Please be very careful using their service! To be honest i have never experienced such a rude customer service A good lesson for me to write other reviews before making a decision. Though it sounds quite confusing and unbelievable, but yet this is true in all the respect.

This site is wonderful in helping and assisting students. Teachers provide timely service with complete information. One time visit have been so effective that in case of any doubt I would love to visit this site and so will you guys. No matter what you do, do not use this site. The ones on live chat, jimmy, peter, chris are horrible human garbage. What kind of company does that? I am surprised they are still in business. Do yourself favor and stay away.

OMG, these guys are awful. I chose this site after seeing their rating here. LATE, but I think it would be very dangerous to do that. I have never been so angry in my life and everyone should know how bad this service is and avoid it.

It is the best way to find solution for unsolved questions. Now, I dont need to be tensed and flip pages of my books to find the exact answer. This site has really saved my time. I recommend you to visit this site get your work done within a minute.

Bad structure, weak points, the "research" was so un-academic. When I said the work was terrible, he literally wrote "lol". When I asked to speak to the manager, he told me he owned the business. This is a terrible service.

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Now, whenever I come across any doubt, I will certainly go for this assignment help site. Useful Notify us about this review if it contains your personal information, language you find offensive, or you believe the review is fake. Calling itself ‘the number one’ writing service, promises to deliver quality, on-time delivery, and good pricing. We could not find any information as to when or where the service was established, which made us doubt if the company is legit or not/