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What Do Employers Want? That's the most basic question of any career search. This exercise is designed to help you answer that question by "sampling the field" of your choice and identifying the most commonly sought skills, experiences, credentials and characteristics.

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The purpose of a resume is to contribute to one’s personal brand and to get an interview. While there are hundreds of opinions on what a “good” resume should be the Career Center staff have done some background work for students: First, we reviewed how employers recruit UNT Business students.

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Division of Student Affairs. Resume. Remember: • Be specific and clarify - do not use long sentences and be sure you get your message across. The UNT Career Center provides many services to help students find and interview for jobs both on-campus and off: Online Eagle Careers provides a job search agent for on- and off-campus jobs Online Eagle Careers allows students to upload resumes and cover letters.

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Welcome to Career [email protected], located in the UNT College of Business, Suite Our staff is available to assist students with planning for life after college with a full range of career-related services. Drawing a blank when writing your resume? Preparing for your future job or career interview? LET THE UNT CAREER CENTER HELP PREPARE YOU! What? We are hosting a "Resume and Cover Letter" Woskshop just for you!