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They know how to carefully analyze each sentence to identify and fix grammatical errors while still maintaining the proper meaning of the idea being conveyed by the author. In addition, helpful comments are added to provide further writing insights for the author. See an example of our editing style.

We know our clients have invested countless hours into their research, and we are committed to helping you prepare your results to be published in the most influential journals in your field. You can rest assured that your paper will be error-free.

Your assigned editor will correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. He or she will also improve the flow of your paper, eliminate any awkward sentences or phrasing, and ensure that the writing is clear and concise while meeting the formatting requirements of the targeted journal.

If you require it, we can issue a unique editing certificate for each manuscript that our team prepares for publication. You can provide this certificate to the journal when you submit your manuscript to indicate that the text of your manuscript is grammatically correct, coherently written, and formatted correctly. This certificate communicates to your target journal that your manuscript meets the American Manuscript Editors Publication Ready standard and has been thoroughly edited by one of our expert English editors with experience in your research area.

Username password New user? Register Now Forgotten Password. We are ready to help you prepare your journal manuscript for publication. How it Works The body of literature is composed of thousands of academic journals, each with their own unique style, formatting, and editing requirements.

Journal-specific formatting, style, and editing. Our Editing Team Professional Editors With Publishing Experience Technical Expertise Each editor on our team has been selected because of his or her unique technical research background. Scientific publishing is a competitive market and images are descriptive, helping authors make a bigger impact with their articles.

We provide a free quote within 24 hours, and the top illustrators working with Elsevier then develop a great illustration. It is becoming very important to ensure the clarity of the science in illustrated output.

Illustration can no longer be regarded as just a component of a paper — we create illustrations for conference presentations, lectures, books, websites, social media and many other channels. Illustrations have also become part of graphical abstracts, in which you try to explain the whole article graphically. Copyright stays with the author — this is somewhat unusual in the industry, as many other companies retain copyright of the images they develop. Since authors have the copyright, they can use the illustrations however and wherever they want to.

We begin with a basic sketch from the author — a visual brief, such as a sketch or a hyperlink to something they have in mind — along with written instructions.

We then go back and forth with the author if we have questions until our understanding is correct, and then we get started. Some team members are proficient in science, so they are able to find keywords and associations; a lot of work goes into the research before we put pen to paper.

The next step is to translate the scientific and technical content to something more artistic — the art of science.

We have served clients from over 200 different universities.

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Elsevier's English Language Editing Service is committed to the highest standards of editorial review and quality control. Have your manuscript edited by the language professionals at Elsevier.

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Elsevier's Language Services cover English Language Editing, Language Editing Plus and Translation Services. Elsevier is committed to the highest standards of editorial review and quality control.

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Language Editing Plus This option goes a step further than our existing English Language Editing service by providing you with the most advanced language editing package available. In addition to copy editing by native English speaking PhD candidates selected according to your field of study, Language Editing Plus also includes. If English is not your native language, your manuscripts could be rejected for non-scientific reasons. Clear and concise language helps editors and reviewers focus on the content and the science. Via the Webshop, Elsevier offers English language editing and translations services of the highest quality.

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2 years and 7 months ago in Language Editing Academic publishing today is largely in English (about 80%, according to some estimates) but researchers are certainly not exclusively English speaking; much of the literature is written by . Wiley Editing Services offers expertise in language editing, translation, and manuscript preparation services for International researchers seeking publication in. Elsevier's English Language Editing Service is committed to elsevier language editing services the highest standards of editorial review and quality control.