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Chapter Summaries of Night by Elie Wiesel

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You also should just highlight information you think is important and would be good to discuss. You need to discuss these with the class or your teacher so you can get everything out of the lesson. When I was in high school, my English teacher made it a requirement to annotate every single time we read a chapter so he knew we were reading and understanding at the same time. If I had a question, I wrote them down in my annotations so I could discuss it with my teacher the next time we met in class.

Good annotations are difficult to write and come with practice. Always jot down what is significant so you can come back to it later. Good Annotations How does one write good annotations? Take the following steps as a basic guide to write a good annotation: I n addition, take the time to consider who the author intended the work for and if he or she presented the topic properly to his or her intended audience.

Related Questions I need to have a detailed annotation of the poem "September 1, " by Auden. Large descriptive passages - I mark these sections off with a pen a large bracket and then write a really brief description to the side, such as "describes country setting". I also use this technique for character descriptions that extend for a long time. This makes it easier for me to review the story when I look back at my annotations.

Anything else your teacher might mention. Then when we go back to Assignment we can see it, but as soon as I save the test assignment, it disappears. Have you followed the step 5 of the installation instructions: I have forwarded this to him and will know later today. Hopefully, this resolves it. Really looking forward to using it. Does this work from a student side? For instance I just received a request from a teacher.

She said, "I have fill in the blank notes from our text book that are really good. These are PDF documents. However, the code has not been set up to work that way and it would take quite a bit of rewriting to allow this to happen.

I am using Moodle 2. Students compose in GDrive, browse GDrive in the file picker and submit. The problem I have is when the submission is viewed for annotation.

The text rendered is extremely small. Please see image below. If I download the submission, the text is readable in a PDF viewer. PDF submissions created outside of Google Drive look fine. I have attached the PDF used for the screenshot in case that helps. We received several scanned assignments and returned error "Unable to generate image".

My best guess would be that the file was very large and that it was timing out waiting for ghostscript to generate the pages. Please could you turn on debugging on your site and see if you get a more detailed error message? A PDF created by students is very much clear, but when submitted for grading, while Annotation the content gets distorted.

If the submitted files downloaded and opened in PDF reader it again shows normal content. Hence students are loosing their marks. I have installed latest version of Moodle on local server and accessed locally. The Ghostscript test is also working fine.. When Teacher creates assignment with due date and time ex. Firstly, I strongly suggest you use the standard PDF annotation plugin that is now built in to Moodle core since Moodle 2.

As for the formatting of the output - that is down to ghostscript. If you have a particular PDF that is not creating a correct output with the latest version of ghostscript, then I suggest you contact the maintainers of ghostscript and report the problem to them. Can we rotate the PDF while checking as if there is original file in landscape page format, it shows in annotation as portrait only.

About the development of Annotate PDF plugin by moodle where to discuss for more changes in the module? I installed it directly from the plugin directory, not through linux. If you turn on debugging http: Did the install appear to work correctly did it list the plugin s as needing installing, did it say they had been installed OK? Testing the gs path produces a "non-existent file" error, but my hosting service assures me the path is correct.

There is no functionality for deleting an annotate file once it has been created. Whilst I was teaching with my plugin, I never came across a situation where I needed to do this. A student uploaded the wrong file and I made some comments on it. He has deleted his file but I cannot delete the annotated file. Is there a quick fix way of doing it, I can access the database and ftp the files.

I can also change a bit of code here and there. I will look at this as soon as I can, but this is the first time such a request has come up, so it will take me a while to address it. We use Foxit in class. I have added a resource file, the students downloaded it, commented on it, and submitted it as an assignment. I can see the original document.

Normal contents of the file such as those added by the PDF annotations within Moodle will work fine. Can see the version on your Github showing compatibility for 2.

But none of the posts in any of the forum threads seems to have yet mentioned 2. Happy to be the first to give it a try - but hoping someone else has already done that This would be a great way to use existing resources quickly.

However, I am not aware of anyone who has developed a plugin to do this either based on my code or the rewrite that Damyon did to get it in to Moodle core. I looked at adding touch support to my version of the plugin, but found it was too easy to get stuck in the middle of the page without being able to scroll back off it again as every attempt to scroll would result in drawing instead.

I think the core version works better with touch. It looks like the exact format of the PDF is unsupported by the version of ghostscript you have installed on the server. Its very strange for me that it worked for us submission checking online using your module in Moodle 1. We have hosted moodle on shared server cent os and according to the support team the hosting company they said there was no such script running ever and they cant install for us.

There is a test in the global settings for recent versions of the plugins which can check to see if it thinks ghostscript is available. If it is, then the problem is with the particular PDF, if not then this is something you will have to negotiate with your server admins. The exec command is very powerful and in an shared environment it is probably sensible to disable it. In this case, the code cannot function without it - it is used to call the external ghostscript program to generate the images of the pages.

I came on here looking for the same thing Reagan. Did you ever find a solution or even a work around? Skip to main content. Display mode Display replies flat, with oldest first Display replies flat, with newest first Display replies in threaded form Display replies in nested form.

Please start a new discussion topic. PDF annotation assignment plugin. Hi Davo, Thanks again for the nice plugins you just uploaded to the Moodle plugins database. Permalink Show parent Reply. Thanks for creating these new plugins for PDF annotation, Davo. This works quite nicely. Please let me know if anyone finds any issues.

Hallo Davo, I am administrating a moodle site and since moodle 2. Am I doing something wrong? What am I missing? Where is it supposed to show up? Actually the server where my Moodle 2. Thanks for the quick grading tip. With quick grading on, I can see this: On the grading screen I see this: On the submission screen I see this: Hi Davo I have a confession to make.

I am trying to use this plugin to create feedback for some assignemnets within a pdf however i keep getting this error: Can anyone one assist me? Idek whips him mercilessly and warns him that one word of what he saw will result in more severe punishment. During an air raid two cauldrons of soup are left unattended.

A prisoner crawls to them and is shot right before eating some. The Nazis erect a gallows at camp and hang three prisoners, the last one, a boy loved by all, causes even the most jaded of prisoners to weep. It is late summer and another selection occurs. He gives his spoon and knife to his son. Eliezer rejoices as he returns and discovers there was another selection and his father still lives.

Eliezer hurts his foot and is sent to the infirmary. He hears rumors of Russians approaching. The Nazis evacuate the camp. Eliezer assumes infirmary patients will be killed so he leaves. He discovers later that the patients were liberated the next day. The prisoners are forced to run 42 miles in one night during a blizzard. Those unable to keep up are shot. The refugees stop in a small village where Eliezer and his father keep each other awake to avoid freezing to death.

Rabbi Eliahu enters a small shack occupied by Eliezer, looking for his son. A diversion is created and his father switches lines. The survivors are packed into cattle cars and sent to Germany. The train stops frequently to remove dead bodies. Eliezer recounts how German workers throw bread into the cattle cars to witness the prisoners kill each other. Eliezer is nearly killed. Wiesel attributes his survival to luck and coincidence, two ideas that play a prominent role in the novel.

Every test prep that matters (other than turning your head to cough).

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