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Three Reading Practice Exercises

❶At home, switch roles and have your child act as the teacher. Articles on the Native tribes of North America as well as primary sources, including treaties, speeches, traditional tales, maps, and images.

How Can I Help My Child with Reading Homework?

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The Key to Comprehension
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The more your child reads a body of text, the easier it is for them to decode the words and read the text accurately. Their familiarity with the text frees their mind to work on reading more fluently, with expression. And reading with expression, leads to improved comprehension. Achieving a higher level of fluency and comprehension in a body of text gives your child an experience of reading at a level that they can apply to new text. With Reading Buddy Software, every session your child will read a text three times.

Your child will master the text, learn new words, and achieve an elevated level of fluency and comprehension that they can apply to future readings. You may have explained some vocabulary here and there, corrected an occasional grammar mistake, but essentially your child learned to talk by listening to other people talk. It works similarly with reading. In order to improve fluency and comprehension, your child has to listen to fluent reading. Most children who use Reading Buddy Software do one session per day.

Notice that in steps 2 and 5, Reading Buddy Software reads to your child. So a child using Reading Buddy Software hears a dramatic and fluent reading twice each session.

Hearing these fluent reads is instrumental in helping them become more fluent readers. And improved fluency leads to better comprehension. Many parents want their children to improve their reading comprehension. But how to accomplish that is often misunderstood. This is the first step to fluency. First, a child learns to decode words and pronounce them accurately. Because the more brain power your child has to invest in pronunciation, the less brain power they have available for comprehension.

Last night I was talking to my husband while he was brushing his teeth. He understood everything I said while at the same time brushing and swishing. For my husband, brushing is automatic.

In fact, he can do it while thinking about something else. But for a 9 year old, brushing takes more thought. He has to concentrate. Before your child can find the meaning of the words, the words themselves have to be easy to read. A good public speaker uses volume, tone, emphasis, cadence, and phrasing to convey meaning. A poor public speaker, on the other hand, is monotone. Their delivery is robotic. Comprehension skyrockets once a reader realizes which words to chunk together and which ones to emphasize within each chunk.

I remember as a child, most of what we read in school was soooooooo boring. The same thing is happening today. Many schools, tutors, and reading programs fail to choose good content.

Of course, the content has to be age appropriate and reading-level appropriate. Pretty much everyone gets that right. That just gets you in the game. To win, the content has to be truly engaging. Now I want to temper my point. This is an important skill.

Certainly, in order to succeed academically, a child must be able to read a variety of content, including the boring kind. But, for the most part, what your child reads should be riveting.

So it would have been easy to get away with using mediocre content. Instead, I spent over a year searching for just the right content for every reading level. And in the end, a lot of the articles and stories I wrote myself.

The result is that kids enjoy using Reading Buddy Software. If your child read an article like that today, what do you think would happen? Did you know that you can go snow skiing in the summer? But if you were a child using Reading Buddy, you would know that Abner Doubleday did not invent baseball. The bottom line is that content matters. What your child reads will affect how much your child values reading. And practically speaking, that makes a big difference as to whether or not and how quickly your child progresses.

Try Reading Buddy Software risk-free for 1 month. Every user can access any of the readings as many times as they want. Video storybooks and online nonfiction books for young readers. Includes streaming video, games and educator resources. Full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, and reference books about current events, people, places, animals, history and more.

Includes primary sources, images and maps. Full-text articles are assigned a reading level indicator Lexiles. Elementary - middle school. Full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, and reference books about politics, current events, science, history, popular culture and more.

Covers cultures, government, people, U. Includes books, images, biographies, audio, video, magazines, newspapers, creative works, primary sources, and more. Biography, literature, history, science, current events, multiculturalism, and more. Includes full-text articles, primary sources, essays, critical analyses, timelines, images, and maps. Middle - high school. Scholastic True Books on nonfiction topics. Projects, lessons, and activities help build knowledge on people, places, history, science, and nature.

Full-text articles, plus primary sources, news, websites, videos, images, magazine articles, online books, and an interactive atlas. Resources categorized for children, teens, and general reference.

Aprovecha esta enciclopedia para investigar y divertirte. Full-text articles on literature, art, biography, business, religion, science, education, history, law, social science, medicine, multicultural studies, and general reference. Now included in Scholastic GO! Cross-search two or more resources at once. Includes animals, biographies, countries, science and more. Full-text articles from encyclopedias. Full-text articles on people, places, science, animals, history, and more.

Includes videos, images, audio files, science projects, maps, and games. Full-text articles on geography, history, science, and current events. Includes biographies, videos, and quizzes. Articles on the Native tribes of North America as well as primary sources, including treaties, speeches, traditional tales, maps, and images.

People from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas. Includes images, audio files, and articles from magazines and reference books. United States history and current events from the colonial era through today. Includes online nonfiction books, articles, videos, and project ideas.

Primary sources, secondary sources, and full-text journal articles covering all areas of U. Primary sources, secondary sources, and full-text journal articles covering world history from antiquity to the present. Country histories, cultures, statistical data, embassy contacts, images, maps, audio files, and recipes. Resources for science exploration and student research support.

Includes nonfiction articles with read aloud option, videos, current events, career information, and experiments. Overviews, full-text articles, images, websites, and videos covering earth and life science, space, technology, mathematics, and science history and biography. Current and controversial issues with detailed discussions of pros and cons, summaries, bibliographies, and links to related stories. Goes back to

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Reading Homework Help and Exercises Teachers assign reading homework to help students improve fluency and comprehension, while practicing grammar, pronunciation and language reasoning skills. If your child struggles with reading homework, try the exercises below to help him or her progress more quickly and increase confidence.

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