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When should an opinion be used in a police report?

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What local resources should be utilized when planning for a demonstration or general strike? In preparing for a major demonstration, labor strike, or potential riot, local city administrators and police work together to prepare for a number of potential contingencies. What role would the initial officer take to ensure complete security of the crime scene? Ideally, the officer who is first to respond to a crime scene should take complete control of the scene.

By doing so, that officer will ensure that the evidence at the scene of the crime will not While working as a police officer, you respond to a robbery in progress involving two When responding to what would generally be considered a "Code 3" call -- in effect, an emergency requiring excesse speed and use of siren and lights -- the first thing the responding officers need How would one categorize or label police officers who participate in "shakedowns?

Morally, there is only way to categorize police officers who participate in "shakedowns," or extortionate activities.

They are, in a word, "corrupt. What are the different types of surveillance used by law enforcement agencies at the local, The higher up the governmental chain, the more sophisticated the level of technology and the greater the resources brought to bear in the surveillance of potential criminals and terrorists.

What are the two major less-than-lethal weapons developed for law enforcement? There have been many less than lethal weapons that have been used and are being used by police officers in the United States.

These have ranged from simple night sticks to rubber bullets. What is an example of a victimology profile. Is the example representative of a High, Moderate Victimology is, as the name suggests, the study of victims of crime.

When attempting to catch the individual or individuals perpetrating a crime or series of crimes, the more the investigating How has law enforcement changed with the development of unions?

Because the Fraternal Order of Police FOP , the main union representing law enforcement officers, has been around for almost years, its impact on the conduct of law enforcement has long since What benefits and protections are officers afforded by police unions? There are two types of answers to this question.

One has to do with benefits that police officers have gotten from the unions that are similar to the benefits that any group of workers gets from How has the development of police unions changed law enforcement? As workplaces employing large numbers of low-wage workers, police departments stand out for the unique stresses and risks associated with that type of labor.

Every shift an officer works can A police officer is expected, and trained to, use his or her judgement during the course of every shift worked. Officers regularly encounter situations that require on-their-feet decisionmaking When should an opinion be used in a police report? For the most part, opinion should not be used in a police report.

A police report should be a statement of facts. The police report will be used in court and can be impeached by a defense How do you think police officers can reduce stress to prevent themselves from engaging in There are a number of things that police officers, or anyone else, can do to try to relieve stress on their own.

However, since police officers are exposed to much higher levels of stress than What are the main components of the service and the protection roles of policing? It is a little confusing to speak in terms of components of "protect" and "serve" given the fact that the phrase "to protect and to serve" is a motto that originated with the Los Angeles Police Why is policing mostly a local affair and how is that affected by organizational and community There are two main reasons why policing is mainly a local affair.

One reason is legal and the other is more practical. The legal reason is connected to federalism. The US Constitution leaves Give an example of a specific situation where accountability for their actions may affect a In a situation where an officer is forced to make a split second decision, for example, when in However, such a situation is a rarity with us.

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For this assignment, Write a police detective field report that follows the model of the field

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