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❶What time will I receive my clips? Petersen has ordered her breakfast in her room, sir.

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He was accompanied only by two or three old and confidential servants. The day after his arrival in the country, Petersen took to his bed and quietly summoned his confidential physician, to whom he stated his suspicions and outlined the details of his plan. At dawn the physician announced to the sorrowing servants that their master had passed away.

The butler alone was in the conspiracy, for reasons that will become obvious. But he was naturally melancholy and, therefore, needed to add merely a touch more of solemnity to his features. Petersen being of spare build and entirely without color in face or hands, it was a simple matter for the physician to add the corpse-like chill and rigidity that would deceive any ordinary beholder. A handsome burial casket had been timed to arrive before noon.

This was placed on trestles in the library within a yard or two of a desk, on which was a telephone. The physician took upon himself the duties of undertaker. Petersen arrived escorted by the faithful Egstrom. The physician met them at the door.

My darling husband is dead! The physician conducted the sorrowing wife into the library. He received her fainting form in his arms—for one glance at the white face in the coffin assured her that fainting was now in order.

Petersen did not leave her room that night. Egstrom retired early to the chamber allotted to him. The butler busied himself in the kitchen behind closed doors preparing a nourishing broth that could be safely taken by a dead man without bringing any tint of life to his cheeks.

The physician watched beside the coffin. Toward midnight he was awakened by a loud yawn. For a moment, confused by drowsiness, he was startled at the sight of Petersen sitting up in his coffin and drumming impatiently on its lid with his fingers. Egstrom was with her, of course. We dined together and he recalled all your excellent qualities. So he suggested a game of cribbage.

Egstrom is up, ready for breakfast. Petersen has ordered her breakfast in her room, sir. The doctor threw himself into an easy chair, puffing furiously on a fresh cigar to account for the unfunereal atmosphere of the room. But these precautions proved unnecessary. The Petersen country house being isolated, there were no callers. Petersen and Egstrom went out for a drive immediately after breakfast. Burrelles Luce offers a full range of human-verified media monitoring, a full-service option that ensures every piece of content you receive adheres fully to your stated needs.

Alternatively, select our unverified service to fit your budget and time constraints. Burrelles Luce employs expert human editors to determine whether each story we have captured conforms to the instructions that you and your Burrelles Luce account manager develop.

Get your coverage as it happens — as early as 6 am. End users can set up push reports with added metadata and see the complete article, including text and images on any schedule that meets their business need.

Executive Briefing arrives by the start of business every day and monitors according to client-specified terms and monitoring parameters for news about your organization, competition, and industry. Clients have the option of setting up an automated report using our software, however our analysts can customize and deliver a more targeted C-suite-relevant briefing.

Each Executive Briefing is human-verified for maximum relevance and includes headline, publishing date, publication name, author, keyword s , a character synopsis, and a link to the article.

Build on your broadcast monitoring and act on the content from the three major network morning shows with a daily synopsis of morning broadcasts. Media Monitoring - Full Service. Human-Verified Media Monitoring Burrelles Luce offers a full range of human-verified media monitoring, a full-service option that ensures every piece of content you receive adheres fully to your stated needs.

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